Dan Johnson Criminal Law is recognized for Expertise Representing Aboriginal Persons in Gladue Court (Aboriginal or Native Persons Court)

Dan Johnson understands the culture and concerns of his Aboriginal clients and believes that their interests are best represented in the Gladue Court system (previously known as the “Native” Court system) or by Judges and Crowns who have been sensitized to the legal rights and factual circumstances of Aboriginal persons accused (and presumed innocent) of crimes.

Presentations done upon Invitation, about Aboriginal Persons Court (“Gladue” Court)

  • 2013, Metro West Duty Counsel Office: Presentation “Useful Nuts & Bolts About Gladue”
  • 2012, Restorative Justice Section of ADRIO (Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario): Presentation on “Gladue Court”
  • 2011, Ontario Court of Justice, Urban Aboriginal Conference: Participated in an advocacy presentation on the sentencing of an urban Aboriginal for an educational conference for Ontario Court of Justice Judges
  • 2010, Osgoode Professional Development CLE, the 2nd National Conference on Aboriginal Criminal Justice Post- Gladue, Gladue Court: Participated in a panel discussion on “Gladue Courts: Changing the Way We Work, Changing the Way We Think”

Representing the Criminal Lawyers’ Association

  • Since Spring 2013, member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association Legal Aid Committee’s Aboriginal Client Sub-Committee
  • Since February 2009, represented the Criminal Lawyers’ Association on the Gladue Operations Committees at Old City Hall, Toronto and at College Park, Toronto


  • Article “Practical Tips for Representing an Aboriginal Accused” published in “For the Defence — The Criminal Lawyers’ Association Newsletter” Vol. 33, No.3 (June 2012)


Please note: While we prefer the term “Aboriginal”, some people still use “Native” so we have included it here.