Criminal Defense Lawyer Services, Toronto, Ontario

When you’re facing a police investigation, questions by police, criminal charges or an arrest

It’s normal to feel scared and alone…but YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Dan Johnson Criminal Lawyer will advise you on your options and the best way to proceed.

Along with his criminal lawyer expertise, Dan Johnson brings his skills as a mediator and negotiator to dealing with police and the Crown. He will fight to ensure that you are treated fairly and get the best result possible in any situation.

Dan will negotiate to have your charges dropped entirely or reduced and your sentence minimized; and will defend you vigorously if the charges go to trial.

Dan Johnson Criminal Law will defend you in police investigations and against criminal charges

  • White Collar or Employment Related Charges: alleged dishonesty or allegations of violence
  • Drug Crimes: Trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, or possession of cocaine, crack, marijuana, etc.
  • Break and Enter, including armed home invasions
  • Theft of anything that can be stolen
  • Possession of stolen property
  • Violent Crimes: Murder, attempted murder, assault charges (all kinds), extortion, extortion with a firearm, arson
  • Domestic Disputes resulting in criminal charges
  • Crimes by teenagers, including “Young Persons” under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)
  • Crimes by clients with special needs, (e.g. those on the autism spectrum, such as Aspergers Syndrome)
  • Crimes dealt with in Gladue Court (Aboriginal Persons or Native Court)

To learn more about our criminal lawyer services and the types of cases we handle, contact our office today or phone to set up an initial case evaluation.